DNS Server for Internet Acceleration, Optimization and Protection.

DNSBox is a software appliance that can be installed on your own hardware appliance to become your main DNS server. It's an already pre-configured DNS Server under Linux in order to be installed within few minute. It contains an already pre-installed/configured 64 bits Linux OS and an optimized DNS Server software including a web graphical console for easy configuration and management of your DNS server.
For Rapid Installation
You do not have enough time to setup, configure and manage your own DNS Server and you need to get one ASAP to work or play with.
You do not have all necessary skills to do it all by yourself and need a starting point to learn more about DNS Server.
You would like to be able to manage your solution with a nice Graphical Console.
For Advanced Administrators
You need something a ready-to-use solution to install a DNS Server on your hardware appliance.
You are looking for a solution to install in few minutes and you want to be able to customize it to meet your needs.
A pre-configured with a graphical management console to implement it in your own infrastructure.
For Professionals
You are looking for a Software Appliance solution to rapidly deploy at your customers sites.
You need something ready-to-use and to install on your hardware appliance.
You are looking for an easy solution to help you in your infrastructure implementation .
Download & Install... Buy now...
Burn the ISO file to an USB stick Step-by-Step
Main Features
  • Unlimited Bandwidth & Unlimited Users
  • ISO Software Appliance solution ready to download
  • ISO file containing an already pre-configured Linux OS
  • Contains pre-configured DNS server software
  • Easy to Install on your own hardware or software appliance
  • 64 bits OS and DNS Server
  • Installation in few minutes
  • No extra manual installation or configuration required
  • Works on Hardware or Virtual Appliance
  • Adware/Malware/Porn/Drug/Gambling
  • Personal Blacklist/Whitelist
  • Heuristic Engine
  • Anti Ransomwares
  • Spamhaus DROP
  • Authorized Networks
  • Authentication Failure
  • PreFetching
  • DNSCrypt
  • Safe Search
  • DNS Redirections
  • Compatible Redis server
  • DNS Balancing
  • DNS Amplification
  • Anonymous Mode
  • Response Policy Zones
  • Geo-Blocking by Country
  • Top-Level-Domain Blacklist
  • Configuration of Cache Max TTL / Cache Negative TTL
  • Choose between Official ROOT Name Servers or your preferred DNS Recursor
  • Includes a web graphical console for easy configuration & management
  • Easy Customizable Solution
  • Ready to use solution